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“Enlightening. I want to go and learn more about the period.”



“Transformative. Absolutely evoked the era.”



“Michael Miller as Stieglitz was fantastic--so knowledgeable, he really channels the man and his character!”



“A naturalistic representation of the man. Content was amazing.”



“I felt as if I was having a conversation with Alfred Stieglitz.”



“This one-man vignette opened my eyes to Stieglitz not only as a gifted artist, but as an art visionary of the 20th century.”





At Fisk-- "As wonderful as the collection is, it's even better now that

we've seen it through Stieglitz's eyes."



“Thank you for your creativity and your research.

The combination was a great treat for everyone.”



“It was especially nice to have Mr. Stieglitz with us.”

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