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is a one-person bio-drama that captures
the spirit and character of photographer
and art impresario, Alfred Stieglitz.
It re-creates the experience of visiting his famed gallery, 291, listening to Stieglitz’s ongoing monologue as he holds forth on
Life, Art, the nature of Truth,
Pure Art vs. Commercialism,
the artists in his circle, and more. 



“People used to live in The Year of Our Lord. Now they live in the year of our Landlord. It’s unfortunate. It’s tragic that money has been introduced into this religious ceremony. All true art is a religious, a spiritual manifestation. The workers bring their sacrifices to the altar, and I am expected to get money for them...and at the same time, to keep the altar pure.”      





is available for support programming for

museum / gallery exhibits, and

art school / university courses.

It can be customized to fit a particular exhibit that

focuses on Stieglitz, O’Keeffe, the Photo-Secession,

his artists, or the beginnings of the modern art

movement in America.


Performances include:


Bruce Silverstein Gallery, NYC


New-York Historical Society, NYC

    --for THE ARMORY SHOW AT 100

    --for an Art and History Teachers'             seminar


The Colony Club, NYC


The Jewish Museum, NYC

  --Audio performance / The Steerage


Fisk University, Nashville, TN

  --The Stieglitz Collection Opening

92nd St. Y, NYC

 --H. Brown Senior Program


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